Friday, November 21, 2008

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Too Early for Christmas?

I've become involved in numerous discussions with my co-worker on when it is appropriate to begin listening to Christmas music. I know of two radio stations that play Christmas music beginning on 1 Nov. until Christmas (and maybe beyond...). I've tried playing some at work without her noticing (with our desks right next to each other that can be a little difficult). Today, because it was the first real snow of the season, she agreed to let me play Christmas music.

I'm not planning on playing it every day. I just really enjoy it, and I think that after Halloween (not my favorite holiday) it's kind of nice to set the mood for things to come. Some people argue that if you play the music too early, Thanksgiving gets overlooked and kind of passed-by. That is not at all my intent. I love Thanksgiving too. I think that the two holidays can be combined to become a wonderful two month season of niceness and joy! Okay, that last sentiment is a bit cheesy, but I really do think the two can be combined without rushing past the first.

So, what are your thoughts? Strong feelings either way? Neutral? I'm curious as to whether or not I'm alone in this way of thinking or not. Let me know!

Speaking of Christmas music - I'm going to add Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing "Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth" to my video side-bar. "Little Drummer Boy" is really not one of my favorite Christmas songs, but I love this version. I hope you take the time to listen, and enjoy!

Wearing Black...

I'll be wearing all black tomorrow to express my mourning for my country.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Last Plug for Proposition 8

I found this through my sister's site and liked it so much I wanted it on mine:

I'm sure you know what Prop 8 is. Just in case- it is on California ballots this upcoming election and throws a clause into the state constitution saying marriage is between man and woman only (i.e., not between homosexual partners). The reason California has to vote on this again is CA Supreme Court judges ruled Prop 22 unconstitutional by 4-3 votes, despite the proposition passing by 61.4% in 2000. Thank you liberal CA judges! Now California and Massachusetts are the only two states in fifty to allow gay marriage. Whether in style, economy or descent into moral abyss we are always front-runners! A genuine hooray for our great state!

"Who cares?" -you ask. That's what I asked too, initially. Here is why I care and think you should too.

1) God's current prophet and previous ones have declared marriage to be between man and woman.

Check out the Proclamation to the Family's first paragraph. Since solid traditional families are the underpinning of civilized society, we would do well to uphold those values, rather than undermine them by legitimizing sinful relationships.

2) Homosexuality is a sin and doesn't deserve any allowance.

I have gay friends and I love them. I have friends that are adulterers and fornicators and I love them. I am a sinner sometimes and I love me. But I don't want the law to be changed so I can feel better about my occasional bad behavior. Everyone has their weaknesses. Perhaps yours is gambling, drug addiction, same gender attraction, opposite gender attraction, etc. But it is WRONG to give into those temptations. An illegitimate homosexual relationship in no way deserves the worthy title of marriage.

3) Redefining marriage will change how schools teach children about families and sex.

Unacceptable. Public schools are past the line as it is.

4) If Prop 8 fails and gay marriage continues, organizations that uphold traditional marriage and condone state approved homosexual unions could lose tax exempt status and other forms of persecution.

Thus, perceived 'intolerance' is intolerated. (Which makes new school tolerance an anti-virtue as the requestor of tolerance demands, "Accept what I do and don't judge me!" [see entry below on judgement]) With this attitude growing, traditional institutions could be persecuted for not keeping silent on disaprooving stances on this issue and others.

I could probably drum up more, but those are the most persuasive for me. Leave it at 1) and I would be 100% sold on YES. It is unfathomable that Christians could vote NO. Take God and sin and commandments out of the debate and it is hard to argue for YES. However, God exists whether you believe or not, so it is hard for me to debate this atheistically.

Let me know what you think.

Here's his blog if you want to link directly to it.