TSFL - Take Shape For Life, My Experience

Day 1

I'm on this new diet. Excuse me. I mean - I've made a new lifestyle change. After years of being overweight, losing some only to gain back more, trying different food limitations, eating patterns, exercise habits, giving up and eating as much pizza as I can (not really, but that doesn't mean I wasn't tempted, or that I didn't come close to that...), and feeling so frustrated and so lousy - really, really, perpetually lousy - reminding myself that I was way too young to be feeling this blasted old...

After all of that.

And more.

I'm trying something new.

Call me an incurable optimist.

With some tough love and encouragement from my sister, I signed up for TSFL.

I figured it'd be good to document my journey in case I'm ever trying to support anyone else through the process. This way I'll remember it - or at least have a record that I can look back on - so I can let them know that they aren't alone in thinking "this totally sucks" (and I don't even use the word "sucks").

So here's day one.

I'm starving.

Okay, not really. Not completely anyway.

My stomach has been pretty unhappy with me though and the hunger pangs it keeps sending aren't fun.

I'm headachy.

I'm continually looking at the clock to see how much longer until I can eat my next "meal" (the food portions of these "meal" replacements are ridiculous, hence the quotes.

I'm exhausted.

Some of the food tastes like flavored Styrofoam. Some of it tastes like better-seasoned Styrofoam.

I'm excited for the results that I believe are possible, but I'm not going to lie. Today isn't my favorite day.

Day 2

Not feeling starving, not feeling super-satisfied either. I'm also not running for my next meal as soon as it's time (the program says eat every 2-3 hours, I've put myself on a 2.5 hour schedule for consistency's sake).

I'm not as headachy as I was yesterday. I credit that at least in part to finally getting a decent night of sleep. Felt pretty amazing too. (:

I'm drinking a lot of water (they suggest at least 100 oz).

I'm feeling sluggish and a bit fuzzy-headed, but they say that I should be feeling really good in a day or so. Here's hoping!

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