Sunday, February 17, 2013

8 Hours

My flight from Denver to home leaves in about 8 hours. A little less.

I'm not counting down because I'm dying to go home, because I'm really not dying to go home (although, of course there's a lot that's just more comfortable when you're home). I'm not really counting down at all. This is just the latest I've slept since getting here and I noticed the time when I woke up. That's all. (:

I've really enjoyed the visit. While I was careful not to use the word 'vacation' when telling people about my upcoming trip (is there anything about watching seven kids for a few days that screams 'vacation!'? - I didn't think so either.), there has definitely been a lot of fun and sometimes relaxing too. (: I mean, overall I really wasn't overly stressed about anything while I was here. Sure there were times when the kids were easier to take care of than others, but it's really been a very enjoyable trip. I've had a lot of fun with the kids and some really good conversations with my sister and brother-in-law.

I will say that I'm really grateful that tomorrow is a holiday and that I'll have that day off before going back to work (I'm planning to sleep through the holiday). And I'm really grateful that my borderline being sick has held off for a couple of weeks. And I'm really hoping I don't get nailed as soon as I get home. But if I do... That's what sick days are for. (:

With those random - and possibly incomprehensible - thoughts, I'll leave you with this cute picture.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

First Full Day

I'm babysitting my sister's kids for a few days while she and her husband are out of town. I flew in on Monday, they left Tuesday afternoon, and they get back Friday later afternoon/early evening I think.

Yesterday was my first full day with the kids and it ended looking something like this -

And this -
Okay, it didn't really *end* that way, which was nice, but they both kinda melted down at the same time. So I had to document it. Shortly after this picture was taken bellies were filled and kids were put in bed. Elle, the baby, went down a little earlier than normal (and had actually taken two naps - instead of her regular one) and Mae ended up putting herself in bed shortly after.

In spite of the meltdowns it was a good day.

And we even had a dance party.

Friday, February 8, 2013

My Little Valentine

This is Gracie. She's sent me my first (only? too soon to tell...) Valentine this year. It came in the mail today. And I love it.

I love this picture of her.

The front of the envelope.
Yep, it said 'Thanksgiving' and then it was crossed out.
For that super-cute reason, go here.

The back of the envelope.

And the card.
Clockwise from top left: dog, horse, elephant, lion, tiger.
I'm positive because when asked by my sister a little bit ago what my favorite color/animal was I said green (the envelope), and dog, horse, elephant, lion, and tiger. I offered to narrow it down, but obviously little Gracie was up to the challenge.

Thank you Gracie!!!
I love it!

1, 4, 7

Those are the ages of the non-human creatures who have free rein in the household.

The more I think about it, the more I think it's weird that we bring these lifeforms into our homes and let them lay claim to it.

Weird, but I love it - them - the creatures.

And here they are (in order of adoption) -

Official Name: Max
Previous Name: Duke
(I'm sorry, but poodles, even half poodles, should not be named Duke. They just don't look dignified enough.)
Nicknames: Maxie, Maxter, Big Max, Big Mac, Beasto, Big Guy
Age: 4

Official Name: Belle
Previous Name: Belle
(My mom kind of wanted to change it to 'Minnie' so we'd have a 'Maxie & Minnie' but I resisted. Little dogs already look like rat dogs, there's no need to name them after a giant mouse.)
Nicknames: Little Miss, Little Belle, Stinkerbelle, BelleBelle, Bubba, Bubble
Age: 7

Official Name: Morty (Muerte!)
Previous Name: Eggnog
Nicknames: Kitty, Pretty Kitty
Age: 1

All of them were born in October. Well, I know the dogs were both born in October, and when I picked up the cat in December and they said she was a little over a year old I decided that her birthday would be in October too so it would be easy to remember. Very official. (:

And here are some other pictures of them. Just for fun.

Thursday, February 7, 2013