Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Final Five - drumroll please...

First of all, thank you!!! - to all of you who helped me narrow it down. I really appreciate you taking the time to do that. Some of the picks kind of surprised me, though I must say that what ended up in first place was not much of a surprise.

I think everyone had at least one of their picks represented in the final five. I think...

Also, every picture had at least one vote, so that was kind of gratifying.

I guess there is no "second of all."

So here, in a very definite particular order, are the 5 winners:

coming in first with 19% of the votes

in second place with 14%

for third, with 13%

with 11% putting this fourth

and coming in fifth, with 8%

Now, with those being the winners, would any of you decide to put one of these in place of one of those? If so, which one would you replace with which?






Thanks again!


mindloz said...

I liked no. 1 most, picture perfect it is. And I would replace no.5 with the no.3

Bethany said...

I would trade numbers 4 and 5 for your new numbers 2 and 3.

faith said...

i like the new number 2. the new 1 is good also.

k. double-u. said...

I like 'em. I would sub the new #5 for the third place pic.

Jennifer said...

I might switch the 5th place pic for #1. But it's hard to decide, they're all amazing.

Jennifer said...

I would put #1 instead of the 5th place picture.

Brookel said...

you don't know me I'm the wife of one of Dom's friends:) Just saw your site today. Love your photos. I would switch out your second, third and fourth with the new 1, 2 and 3, they are more vibrant and clear to me. I also really liked 15from your first post.