Wednesday, May 26, 2010

UPAC Meeting

This morning I went to a meeting in the Senate Building at the Capitol. It was a meeting for the Utah Prevention Advisory Council (UPAC). There were people from all different types of groups around Utah who were working with substance abuse prevention in some way. It was really interesting to hear different things that are going on around the state.

Some highlights of the meeting include -

- sitting next to John Swallow* (and sharing my 'curiously strong' cinnamon altoids with him). Swallow is the newly appointed Chief Deputy Attorney General of Utah
- talking with George Starks after the meeting, whose brother died from alcohol poisoning while being hazed into a USU fraternity (as a result he's become very active in trying to get legislation passed in regard to hazing laws, etc)
- being introduced to this website - giving a picture of substance abuse problems throughout Utah
- seeing different house and senate bills that are related to substance abuse that have recently been passed
- hearing about different trainings and events happening locally

I really enjoyed the meeting. I filled in for my supervisor who was closing on a house today, but I hope I get to go to the next meeting too.

*I just learned from the wikipedia page that he has the same birthday as I do! (:

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