Friday, July 9, 2010

"I Have Got to Get Me One of These!"**

Those were some of the first words in my head after finishing my mountain bike excursion yesterday (on my niece's bike - that's why I need to get one). This was only my second time doing it (the first being one year ago), and I loved it again. Even though - once again - I ended up pushing my bike up a lot of the time. But the downhill ride... so very much worth it!

heading out
don't worry - I wasn't about to fall - I was just riding off the driveway

some of the scenery on the way up:
Draper temple

the group

lots of trees

reaching the top
definitely worthy of a victory lap

some of the scenery on the way down:

Bethany and trees

Draper temple
there were a few spots along the way (up and down) where you could see all three temples in the area

I could really get into this. I just need to do it more frequently than yearly...

**one million points if you can name that movie


faith said...

Independence Day!!! :)

Katie Rod said...

Totally Independence Day. And I didn't see Faith's post, either. What a fun ride...glad the scenery was gorgeous.

Bryson and Tara said...

Love the pictures with the temple. So pretty!