Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sad Day

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It was all arranged. I told someone I needed a hotel room for one night. For me and my supervisor to attend this conference. She emailed back. She said she would arrange for a room with two queen beds.

We're at the conference.

There's no room. Well, somewhere there's a room. Somewhere there are lots of rooms. But there's no room with my name on it.

We're in St. George, without a room.

Luckily Erin's family has a condo so we won't have to sleep in the car. That wouldn't be fun.

However, there's no internet at the condo.

So much for being productive and using the internet to do my homework.
So much for entertaining myself online while taking breaks from being productive and doing my homework.

Farewell to all the homework and entertainments found online.

I'll be spending a quiet evening.



faith said...

Anyone can take a reservation. It's the holding...
Glad you've got a place to stay, anyway! said...

It's too bad, but on the other hand, you can suspend your responsibilities and enjoy life by running, or walking, or singing, or reading a novel, etc. etc. or even thinking about us at home!
Hope you find something fun to do anyway. We think about you and love you! Grandma De Hoyos