Thursday, October 21, 2010


Yesterday I went to donate blood. I got put on the bed for a left arm (it always has to be the left, my right arm is stingy) and a minute or so later an older gentleman got put on the bed right next to me for his right arm. We talked a bit while our tech people were getting things ready. I found out he was from South Africa, moved to Chicago, San Diego, then Salt Lake and has been here for 5 years.

While lying on the bed, I had my legs crossed in front of me (I was wearing a knee-length skirt and trying to stay modest). As our blood was being drained, this nice gentleman looked over at me and said, 'you've got very nice legs.' I said 'thank you.' and then started laughing. He started laughing too.

If you're ever in the Murray donor center, watch out for a 50+ year old Casanova.


Bethany said...

Woo hoo!

Katie Rod said...

niiiice. I am sure he was taking advantage of the fact that you couldn't run away from him.

eden said...

he actually mentioned that very thing katie. (:

Sichi said...

need to be careful with these places ...)))