Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I'm at work.


I work about five minutes away from the airport and my parents are flying in tonight - in about 15 minutes. So I didn't feel like the best use of gas/time would be to come here, work, go home, come back, go home again.

They'll call me when they land and then I'll head over. Because I really am that close.

I've been sitting at my desk going over my work plan, finishing sifting through the clutter that had filled up (and I mean FILLED up) the cubicle that I inherited with the new position, cleaned out my purse, and now blogging from my phone since I haven't done that in a long time.

And now I'll leave you with this -
(Or I'll try to leave you with 'this.' Since I'm posting from my phone I can't tell exactly where the picture will be - at the end or the beginning of the post. Oh well.)


Emily Johnson said...

Do you feel like the cubicle is finally starting to be yours rather than just a mess you inherited? How is your new job?

faith said...

What a good daughter you are.
And cute costumes.

eden said...

oh my goodness emily, it has improved soooooo much! now when i leave the cubicle i turn to look back at it and think 'i actually don't hate sitting in there anymore.' it's so much nicer!

and the new job is great. i've really been enjoying it. (especially the part of it that has been getting me out of the office regularly. although that will probably slow down a little bit now which will be too bad. oh well.) (:

and thanks faithy, on both those things. (: i love that little witch. and i think max makes a great superhero. (:

eliza said...

cute costumes! Thanks again for taking the time to check our car seats. I feel the kids are much safer now!

eden said...

no problem eliza! i'm glad it worked out. and thanks for letting me do it - it broke my afternoon up a little bit, which was nice. (: