Sunday, October 6, 2013


I follow a couple of blogs that make me wish I was crafty. This is one of them -

I'm not crafty.

In fact, I sat out of the craft night my beehives had this past Wednesday. I went to observe and visit, but didn't want to subject any of the impressionable young girls to my frustrations or swearing (just kidding, I don't swear - much).

Anyway, back in April she posted this and I loved the pattern (from a different blogger with very easy-to-follow instructions), and really wanted to try it out. My friend Sharla was the only pregnant person I knew at the time, so by default - and because I really, really like her (: - she became my target. I asked her for her favorite colors for a baby boy blanket and she told me blues whites and grays.

The result -

The baby -

Then I mentioned the pattern to my sister and she said she'd like one. I asked her for colors.

After months of on-and-off working on it (more off than on), I finally cowboyed up (I'm not a cowboy, but I like that phrase) (: and knocked it out during General Conference - bonus it kept me awake (not that conference is boring, but sometimes it's hard staying awake while you're sitting on a couch in your pajamas or scrubs).

ignore the foot in the background - and take my word for it that it's not disembodied, it's just shoddy photography.

I must say, I really like them both. I like the bigger sections mixed in with the smaller sections. (another friend gave me that suggestion when I was starting the first one, and then my sister was in town when I was starting hers, so we figured out that pattern together).

If you too are dying for a ripple blanket provided by me, then just give me an order and then give me time - lots of time - and you'll eventually get one. Next on my list is one for a friend's baby girl, and then one for me. Those will be followed by a pink and green one and a pink and purple one for two of my nieces. They placed their orders back in June when I was babysitting and they saw me working on the first one. Of course, since they're 4 and 2 I'm hoping that they won't remember so when I finally give them one in 5-10 years --- or for their first baby --- they'll be super excited and surprised. (:

Here's hoping.


Deja said...

They're lovely! These totally count as crafting in my book.

Emily Johnson said...

Being able to make blankets like this is definitely crafty. They look awesome. Can't wait until August when my baby girl gets hers. :)