Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Yesterday I was emailing this girl (lady? woman? if they're close to my age I tend to refer to them as girls... does that say something about me?) from our corporate HR in LA. In our emails it came up that we both had a long-time wish to go to Italy.

I mentioned that the older and singler I get the more I feel like I should venture out more on my own since I can't plan on a built in companion. But I'm worried that if I ever did travel somewhere alone that I would just hunker down in my hotel because I was too scared to go anywhere. Don't laugh. I've seen "Taken." I know what can happen.

She mentioned similar fears of her own and how being able to share the experience makes it more enjoyable than going alone - even if you aren't hiding in the closet of your hotel room. So we made a pact. I started it with 10 years. As in - "let's say that if neither of us has gone to Italy in 10 years, we'll go." She said that was too long. I adjusted it to 5, she countered with 2.

So there you have it.

It's a pact.

Through email.

Which means it has to happen.

I'm thinking we may want to try a domestic trip first to make sure that we actually like each other in person as much as we seem to through email. (:


Bethany said...

Sounds fun! And the domestic trip sounds like a good idea, too!

Caitlyn Petty said...

I would definitely recommend meeting first. I've met quite a few people offline in my lifetime, and half of them were a lot less inviting in person to say the least, lol. You really never know what you're getting until you've met face to face, in my opinion at least. (:

Italy sounds like a ball though, so hopefully you two get along :P