Friday, October 24, 2014

Visiting Veterans - Part Two (and sad news)

Max and I went back to work with vetereans last night. Once again, I feel like we had a great visit. I'll just get right into the things that I don't want to forget:

- being called "ma'am" many many times within a 60-minute period
- getting a chance to thank some of them for their service
- being thanked for thanking them for their service {often in the form of - "thank you for saying that."}
- the man from before, "Mike", who just loved Max the first time getting really excited to see him again in the hallway
- Mike telling us how it makes such a big difference when he sees Max - it relaxes him and he's nicer to people after the visit
- Max just being awesome again. I have a friend at work that I saw today and when I told her I went back last night the remainder of our conversation went like this - "and?" "they loved Max." "not surprised." (and she's not a dog person. I swear, this dog is magical.) (:

It was another nice visit.

And now for the sad news.

I was told on the way to the visit by Nancy (a mentor from TAU has come with me both times to get things settled and figured out) that after last night I wouldn't be able to go back because the staff didn't have anyone that they could keep in the room with me while I was there. I admit - I cried a little after hearing that. I have loved being there. I've said this before, but the big reason I wanted to get Max and I registered with TAU was so that I could work with veterans. I've specifically wanted to work with those struggling with PTSD and other psychiatric issues.

Nancy said that they've already done a site assessment another location for visiting veterans and that I can start there as soon as I want to basically. They'll have someone on staff with me all the time too. We swung over there and saw a few residents in a common area and visited for a bit. It'll be nice to visit there, but I really will miss the hospital even though I've only been there twice.

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faith said...

Glad you've had such a great time, but I'm sorry it's over there already!
And Max is such a good dog.