Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Is it just me, or does this make the following maybe a little less funny?

There's a weird sound about 10 seconds into it (before the real thing starts) so don't worry about turning up your volume at the beginning, it's quiet at the very beginning.


Caitlin said...

where the heck do you find these things? that's sad...and such a weird way to die.

simplysarah said...

that is terrible.

and so am i, because I read the article first, and then started the song, and then laughed in spite of myself.

oh, and the song only gets more tragic...!

faith said...

i still think the smothers brothers are hilarious, though. is that bad?

eden said...

sarah, you're not terrible, and faith, that's not bad.

i don't think you can help but laugh because the smothers brothers are absolutely hilarious.

so if is is terrible and bad, then i fall in both categories.

eden said...

oh, and caitlin, i heard about it from a co-worker. after that, finding the article was easy.