Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why I Donate Blood

1 - Because I can
I never have any problems with light-headedness, feeling sick, passing out, etc. Also, I have zero problem with needles. It's a blessing.

2 - Because I have an awesome vein in my left arm that more than makes up for the nearly invisible one in my right arm.
As the tech yesterday described it - "You have a garden hose running through your arm." Yes, it's just that awesome.

3 - Because if feels good to know that I am saving up to three lives every time I donate.
Really, try it. It does feel good.

4 - Just because.

***the time before yesterday that I went, my hemoglobin level was too low. I was close, but too low. yesterday I was .1 above where I needed to be. sheesh!***

go here for more info. on donating blood

1 comment:

Deja said...

We need people like you to do it, because pretty much none of those things are true for me. Uggg.