Monday, April 9, 2012

Travel Day - Destination: Orlando

I did it! I made it to Orlando! Not that I was really worried that I wouldn't, but it's always nice to get the travel part behind me and get checked into the hotel.

For journeling purposes...

- The flight went well. I got to the airport with more than two hours to go before my flight. A friend dropped me off before he went to work, hence the early arrival. My first first of the day came when the skycap guy told me I should go through security at the international terminal since access to my terminal was right there. He said it was really crowded inside the main terminal and I'd bypass the crowd that way. So I did it. Quick and easy. Then I waited... and then I boarded, slept on and off through Sherlock Holmes 2 (the in-flight movie), and got off in Orlando. I had been told there would be a shuttle from the airport to the hotel, but when I asked a guy at a shuttle stand where the shuttle for my hotel was, he said there wasn't one and that I would need to take a taxi. The fare... let's just say I'm glad that I'm not having to pay for that since this is a work trip. Ouch.

- My next first - checking into a hotel room on my own. Yep, I'm 30, but I've never stayed in a hotel all alone. At least I don't think I have... My last work-related trip I was traveling with a high school student and they put us in a room together. This time. I'm solo. They guy at the desk told me that I had a room with two queens and when I told him it was just me and he could move me to a room with a single bed, he did. I have a pretty nice view and a balcony! It's a tiny balcony, and I don't know that I'll really use it because the one time I opened the door there was a nice little swarm of gnats flying around. Yuck. But it is a nice room.

- After collapsing in the room for a little bit, getting wi-fi set up (it took a little while to get it working), and watching a couple of shows (king of queens and seinfeld - so funny), I made myself get outside my room. I walked down to the convention level to find out where my shuttle will be coming so I can get to the conference tomorrow morning (the whole reason I came...) and then once I got out of the room and down to another level I figured I may as well get myself outside. So I started walking. I walked a little more than half a mile away to Downtown Disney (I wasn't looking for it, but that's where the sidewalks led me) and I walked around there for just a little bit. I left when it felt like it was maybe going to get dark soon, and on my way back I came across a back way into the hotel which was nicer to walk than through the parking lot. I also found out where the gym and hotel restaurants were when coming back that way. The whole solo-exploring was another first. It's something I've been thinking that I need to get good at since solo-trips could become more commonplace for me. So tonight was my first foray into that world and you know, it wasn't bad.

- My last first for the day... room service. I can't believe how expensive some of these things are! I'm eating it right now, and it's pretty good, but I was surprised what $9 for 'seasonal vegetables' got me -

- that's it. Wow, huh? It was good, but it wasn't much.

Anyway... more 'adventures' and pictures to come... either while I'm here, or after I get home.

Stay tuned!

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