Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Walk Through My Town (in pictures)

 my mountain.

my temple.

people setting out chairs (more than a week early) for the draper days parade.

my companion.

this deer was so still when i first saw it that i would have sworn it was a statue.

even residents of a fancy 'manor' save seats for the parade. -- with fancy chairs.

us in shadow.

i love this house. one of the historical houses around draper.

stopped by a neighbor's house whom we met on a different walk a few weeks ago. max and bentley (another golden doodle) played for about an hour.

worn out.

admiring a friend's garden.

believe it or not there's a frog in this picture. my flash (on my new fancy phone) doesn't work, it drowns everything out.

my wound from the playing dogs. as nice as they both are, they're kind of oblivious to everything and everyone around them when they're playing.

proof of my defective flash. but i still kind of like this picture. he looks mystical... (:

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Bryson and Tara said...

That's a great tour of Draper. I can't believe people set up chairs so early!