Monday, January 7, 2013

Flying Yoga

Tonight I went to my second aerial yoga class. There was a livingsocial deal for unlimited classes in a month. A friend and I purchased it and we started going last week Thursday.

Let me just say - never have my muscles been so sore and so tired after yoga. But then again, until last week, they had never done flying yoga.

I want to say that this just might be the coolest thing ever. And if you ever get a chance to do it, DO IT.

I'm really tempted to go even after my month is up because it's so much fun and it's obviously able to tone your muscles.

Who cares that I laugh through almost the whole class at my inability to correctly do the majority of the moves the teacher asks us to do.

What matters is that I cheated on fewer of them tonight than I did last time.

And that's progress. (:

(pictured are the six stations of hanging silks that we use)

(and here's lettie being awesome)

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