Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lots Going On

In pictures:

To sum up:

Bats moved into our front patio. I brilliantly got rid of them. 

We've had family visiting for three weeks. One sister and her family for the whole time, then three brothers at different times with a couple hours visit from another sister. 22 visitors at the same time for just a little while, during which time two of my nieces had a chance to sneak in a traditional makeover. This time the theme was 'supermodel.' I felt supermodelly for sure. One of my nephews helped this time too. 

I house sat for my boss and the three pugs at her house for about five days. 

I'm now watching my sister's enormous black lab mix (108 lbs at last count) until I fly away to the garlic festival on Friday - a ten year goal coming to fruition. Woohoo!

Also hiked Timp caves for the first time. Felt like killing myself on the way up, but the caves were definitely worth it. 

And that's about it. 

For now. 

Or I'm too tired to remember anything else right now. 

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