Thursday, July 11, 2013

Meet Shadow

I'm housesitting for my boss for a few days. Well, almost a week. 

Yesterday was the first day. 

When I stopped by after work, the little guy pictured above kept barking at me. I went outside to see the two pugs that live downstairs (they belong to her son and his wife - who are also out of town), he followed and kept barking at me. Joined by one Lia. 

I sat down to pet Rosie ('sweet and unassuming' is how she was described) hoping that when I did, the other two would realize I'm a nice person. As soon as I did, the other two rushed over to get pet too. I sat with them for a while on the steps and then on the grass letting them get used to me. 

they shed - a ton -- especially Lia

As soon as I went back inside Shadow started barking again. I gave him a treat and he put it in his mouth and kept barking around the treat.

Apparently he wasn't going to let me buy his friendship. 

I went home, then came back later in the evening. 

And he barked some more. 

I decided to sleep on the couch (their bed was offered - with the warning that he would most likely sleep on it with me) so they wouldn't have to worry about changing sheets or anything. 

Turned off the lights. 

And he barked. 

And barked. 

And barked. 

For more than an hour. 

I already wasn't feeling well - my throat hurt which normally wouldn't concern me but strep had hit three of my co-workers (sharing is caring!) and I had a headache and his barking wasn't helping anything. 

I finally decided to move up to the bed and see if that would get him quiet for some reason. 

As soon as I got up, he started acting like he wanted to take me somewhere.

Up the stairs and into the master bedroom we went. 

As soon as I got on the bed he jumped up the other side, curled up right next to me, and went to sleep. 


That's all he wanted?

He seemed to progress rather quickly from yelling at me to get out of his house to curling up next to me in bed. 

Crazy cute pup. 

Or, as my friend said when I sent her that first picture - freakishly adorable. 

I do love the pretty constant grunting, snorting, and snoring that comes from these dogs. 

So cute!

Oh, and tonight he very firmly told me when it was time to go up to bed. I was watching 'Dave' on TV but Shadow wasn't appreciating it and thought it was bedtime. 

Turns out he was right. (:

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