Saturday, February 15, 2014

So, It's Been a While...

(is now a good time for me to admit I'm never quite sure when to use "a while" and "awhile"?)

I'm way past the years of even thinking of apologizing for not blogging. Mostly because nobody cares, so there's nobody to apologize to. (:

Looking back at my last post... yikes. I did it all wrong.

I want to form those habits. Habits take a while (again - "awhile"?) to form. It would have been fine if I had outlined a timing for when I was planning on incorporating these habits - one. by. one. Not eleven by eleven.

This is my way of saying I burned myself out and by myself out quickly.

So I'll be revising, replanning, rethinking, and then starting again.

No worries.

Also, I'm going to think of goals, not just habits, that I want to reach this year.

Stay tuned.

If you want to. (:

1 comment:

Emily Johnson said...

Don't you worry...I am staying tuned because I want to. :)