Thursday, January 2, 2014

Another New Year

It seems like every year goes by faster than the one before it.

I don't think I posted any of my goals last year (a quick look back reveals that I am correct in that thinking) and honestly can't remember if I really ever set any.


So now, because I started setting them on Sunday, and starting tracking them that same day, I figured I'd list them out here.

According to the SMART goals thing, goals need to be:

Timely (given a time-fram)

According to the top 10 steps to set and achieve your goals, goals need to be:

Consistent w/ your values

According to something else that I read that I can't find right now, most of what I have chosen to focus on this year is more habit-forming rather than goal setting/achieving.


Here's what I want to do this year -

- Don't watch more than an hour of TV/one movie a day

With a netflix account (I finally grew up and got my own instead of freeloading off my sister's), I have experienced how scary easy it is to go from one episode to another andanotherandanother until the whole evening is gone and I did nothing more productive than... well, nothing. There is really nothing redeemably productive about those occasions.

Thus the limit.

The one caveat is that I can watch more than that if I'm doing something productive (i.e. cleaning, crocheting, etc). Although during those times I would probably be better served listening to music or audio books or something.

- Read scriptures 15 minutes a day

Inspired by my sister, I've really got to get back in the habit of regular reading.

- Pray

Similar to the above. I haven't made this a regular part of my day. That needs to change.

- Meditate/do yoga

I found a sweet app for my phone that guides me through meditation. I also have a pocket yoga app which is pretty sweet too. Every time I end the day with meditation, I fall asleep very easily. That keeps me motivated to meditate. (:

Here's an article on meditation. If you don't look at all of it, make sure you check out the 'how meditation affects you' section. Very interesting.

- Exercise 15 minutes a day

Okay, nothing earth-shattering by any means, but if it means I'm doing something active each day - even if it's not a whole lot - it's better than nothing.

- Walk dogs four times a week

The poor pups don't get out very much in the winter. But that was actually what I had in mind when I bought fuzzy boots. Yeah, it's bitterly cold some days, but if I bundle up enough, I can survive a quick - or slightly longer than quick - walk. And mixed in the bitterly cold we get some beautiful days that I need to make sure I take advantage of (yesterday, almost 50 degrees!).

- Do service once a week

Just trying to train myself to look regularly for opportunities to help others.

- Go to temple twice a month

Outside of my temple shift when I work in the baptistry once a week, I haven't been to a regular session for a very long time. I figured twice a month isn't too much to try for.

- Post on wordpress picture blog daily

I just started this blog today and decided to try a different format (after first checking to make sure that wordpress had apps for iphone - makes posting so much easier!). I'm hoping to post one picture a day. Go check out my first picture (posted today, so there will be a second picture posted today too). (:

- Do something social once a month

Okay, again, nothing earth-shattering, but I am not the most social creature. I figure if I want to get married (which I do... I think... most days anyway) then I'm going to have to be social in order to meet someone. So here goes...

- Do something that scares me once a month

This is maybe the one that I'm the most excited about (though I'm looking forward to each of these). Inspired by Walter Mitty, I want to do more, experience more, be more. I'm starting this month with quitting my job and starting a new one. Both things which scare me, but I'm looking forward to. If you have any ideas for me, let me know. I want to put a list together so that I can plan ahead and not have to frantically look for something that scares me on the last day of the month and end up doing something stupid. Something like... streaking... or something... (:

With help from the habit list app, hopefully I'll be able to stay on top of these!


simplysarah said...

Did you just say you're quitting your job? What's your new job? Good luck!

And very impressive list of goals. Good luck with that too! :)

Bryson and Tara said...

Great goals for the new year, Eden! You've given me a few ideas... Best of luck on all of these. I'm intrigued to know what things you'll do that scare you monthly... ;)