Thursday, April 23, 2015

While I'm on the Subject...

Not really, but kind of.

In my last post - written all of hours ago* - I mentioned therapy dog visits with Max.

Right now our visits every month go like this -
  • 2nd Saturday - Holladay Library to read w/ kids
  • 2nd & 4th Saturday - VA hospital to visit in the hallway w/ veterans
  • 3rd Tuesday - SLC Airport to hang out w/ people passing through
I just today contacted the director asking her about maybe including a regular hospital once a month so that we could start experiencing one-on-one visits. In all the visits we've done, we've only done group visiting. I think it would be nice to give Max a chance to hang out with one (or two or three depending on possible visitors) people at a time. I think it'd be a nice change of pace.

I've really been loving the therapy dog work. It's been really enjoyable, and Max absolutely loves it.

As shown here - or not, the video is having issues (I ask him, "Do you want to go to work?" and show him his work bandanna.):

I had more written up after the video but it got lost and now I really don't remember what else I had to say.

So we'll end it here. (:

*I wrote this mere hours after posting the other one but then had video uploading problems so it stretched out the actual posting.

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