Friday, July 8, 2016

Monthly Recap - June

I think about doing this every time I see it on Kristen's blog. Since I'm currently off facebook and instagram (taking a bit of a social media break) and I haven't blogged in a very, very, very long time, I figured June would be a good month to jump in.

So, what's new with me?

I moved cubicles at work going from a space with very low cubicle walls and feeling completely exposed, to a place with high walls and some privacy (very helpful for the whole HR part of my job). This meant moving all my plants with me of course, and I had to take the chance to spread this guy out for a minute. He's been really happy here.

Here he is in a more contained fashion. I love him!

After giving Max a haircut I realized that his seat belt harness is a bit big... blast it.

I've missed the last few weeks of my weekly temple visits, but this picture is from earlier in June when I hadn't missed any yet.

Here's the last picture I have of my grandma and me. It was such a blessing to be able to visit him several times before he passed. I love his hands.
I had so many sweet moments with him talking about life after death, my grandma and how we'll still be here to take care of her (he told me once when I was telling him it was okay for him to let go so he wouldn't be in pain anymore and that we'd watch over my grandma, "I want her to go with me."

The picture used for his obituary. His funeral was beautiful and it was so touching to see how many people loved him and came to pay their respects to him.

My sweet Max wanting to cuddle.

A friend of mine blew this picture up and printed it for me. It's hanging in my cubicle. I love it!

I went on a hike with the pups and Belle needed a break. My friend took these pictures.

Little Belle got her teeth cleaned - and 8 teeth pulled - two days after that hike.

Where they put the IV during the procedure.

My nephew was in town for a few days without the rest of his family and we went to visit my grandma.

Belle got super-sick after the dental. Having no idea what was going on, I took her to the vet Monday morning. Tuesday she was diagnosed with kidney failure and I was extremely close to having her put down.

Poor sick little girl. Wednesday morning after just speaking to a vet about putting her down, the vet I had talked to on Monday (Dr. Flynt) came in. One of the techs mentioned something leaking out of Belle's vulva. I had noticed this before and mentioned it once or twice, but because there were other things going on, that was never really addressed. When Dr. Flynt heard about the leaking she immediately treated Belle with a different antibiotic. Apparently Belle had pyometra. An infected uterus. The treatment - a spay surgery. The long-term outcomes - she gets spayed, she's totally fine. Our problem - she was definitely not healthy enough for surgery, so that became our goal.

I spent as much time with her as I could at the beginning of the day and after work. Friday I was with her basically all day. This picture is from Thursday when she was doing a lot better than she had been. She had been completely limp (rolling head if I didn't support it) on Tuesday. So seeing her able to sit up, even for a second, was huge!

During my post-work visit on Thursday one of the techs gave me this invoice. Thinking it was my bill for the day, I thanked her and started putting it to the side. She then pointed out that it was showing a credit for $250. Someone had called in and anonymously put money in my account for Belle's treatment. I still can't express how grateful I was, and what this meant to me. I still get emotional talking about it, it was just such an incredible gift.

Since Belle's medical crisis didn't technically end until July I'm not including after pictures. But just to not leave anyone hanging - she was able to be spayed on Saturday and she is doing just fine. She's been making improvements everyday and is fast becoming her normal feisty, sassy, little self.

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Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

your dogs are so cute, and i love that plant! i want a plant in my cubicle now lol. good to hear belle is doing well :) i am so sorry about your grandpa.

Louann Kristy said...

Your Grampa looks like such a sweet man. I never met either of my Grampa's. They all passed before I was born.

I am so happy Belle is doing better. :)