Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Because it Snowed Yesterday...

... I listened to Christmas music this morning! And I sang Christmas songs yesterday while on a walk with the pups (they don't mind me singing - another reason why they are excellent walking companions!).

For your listening pleasure -
if you skip ahead to about 2 min. into it you'll skip all of their talking

don't worry, I'll post it again when it's closer to Christmas

ps - while listening to the music in the car today, I realized that I had never put together a great Christmas play list. that's one project I'll be working on. I love Christmas music!


faith said...

snow, wow. we played outside yesterday - the boys were shirtless!
and i like this arrangement.

Genevieve Beck said...

But the talking is so delightful. :)

Katie Rod said...

That's still one of my favorite versions of this Christmas song. Thanks for posting it!