Thursday, October 22, 2009


... Photographer...??

I just found out that in January 2010 a picture that I took of the temple will be published in this magazine.


Okay, here's the story:

Remember this picture that I gave to John and Sharla?
John works in the Multicultural Office (where the magazine is based) and heard that needed a picture of the Draper Temple. He asked me if I'd mind if he shared the album that I had shared with him and Shar full of pictures of the temple. Of course I didn't mind and told him so.

He shared it.

They chose one.

The rest is history.

(or will be as soon as January rolls around)


k. double-u. said...

Very cool! So, will you go pro now?

faith said...

yay for you! that is great.

Jennifer said...

So cool! Way to go Eden!

Bethany said...

How fun! Congratulations!

Katie Rod said...

Fabulous news! And quite a nice addition to the photography resume. Tom used to write for Eagle's Eye back in the day, so we have a special little spot for it in our house.

So, is this the same Sharla from the Dean's office? If so, when did she get married? That's great news to hear!

Jennie Larsen said...

oh great...can we still be friends now that you're famous? I sure hope so! Congratulations! The photos really are awesome!

Bryson and Tara said...

That is awesome, Pea Soup! Congrats!