Saturday, February 20, 2010

An Awesome Way to Spend a Friday Night

Last night I finally went to the Billy Joel / Elton John concert. It was worth the wait. And worth all the pennies I spent to get there.

It was so fun to see these two men perform. They've been doing this for so long and you can tell that they love it. And they're so good at it.

Some fun surprises:
There was no intermission
- they started singing together, Elton John then took the stage, Billy Joel came in after, and they ended together -
(so they got their break, and I didn't want one)
I had no idea that Billy Joel played the guitar
I had no idea that Billy Joel played the guitar during "We Didn't Start the Fire"
Billy Joel looked as comfortable dancing around with a mic stand as he did sitting at the piano
Billy Joel dances while playing the piano sometimes (rocking in his seat to the beat)
Their voices sound the same as they do in their years-old recordings (this wasn't as much a surprise as it was just fun to see that they sound the same way as they did when I was a pre-teen)
Our seats were on the very back row (this may be seen as a negative, but we were sitting to the side of the stage and had a great view of the screen, plus, we could get up and dance - which we did. a lot. - and not bother anyone)
Though I'm not super-familiar with Elton John's stuff, he's amazingly talented and really fun to watch (again, the talent part - not surprising)
Billy Joel apologized for having to reschedule the concert
- thank you for that Billy
Elton John rarely spoke in between his songs, but Billy Joel would pause between almost all of them and talk to us

I would definitely go again.
I hope to go again sometime.

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k. double-u. said...

Yay! I'm so glad it was everything you wanted.