Saturday, February 6, 2010

'LLL' - Lousy Low Levels

Okay, not really, but that's what it felt like.

I went to donate blood on Wednesday. My hemoglobin was too low the first time, so they tested me again. It went up the second time, but not enough, so I couldn't donate. They told me I could come back and try again the next day.

So I did.

Thursday when I went in, the girl did the test and it came up with - 'LLL'. I have never seen that before and didn't know it was even possible. 'LLL' means my level is either 10.5 or below, and for women to donate blood it has to be at least 12.5.

So I was rejected.


Two days in a row.

Sad, huh?


faith said...

Are you taking an iron supplement? I bet it would help. I've been on one off and on since high school (should have been always on). Better luck next time!

Matt Neal said...

Eden are you kidding? You have the chance to eat as much red meat as possible and do it the name of "helping those in need"! Carp the diem woman!

eden said...

i've taken a supplement on and off... more off than on...

and matthew, that'd be great - except that i'm not a huge fan of red meat... (: