Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Like Nice People

Lessons Learned -

Lesson 1:
when the bluest sky you can see is this far away, there's a reason for that

Lesson 2:
when it's been thundering and raining on and off all day, it's very likely that it will continue doing so.
Mother Nature doesn't bluff

Lesson 3:
there are nice people in the world

while walking with Dingo, the stroller, a blanket, my nephew, and a leash, I thought I could beat the next bout of rain.
that didn't happen.
while walking past one of many houses, I heard someone call out, "Do you need an umbrella? Hold on, I'll bring you one."
This nice man ran out holding an umbrella out for me.
I took it back to him after returning home - much drier than I would have been had I not had an umbrella to use.

I'll say it again - I Like Nice People.
I also love walks in the rain.
And I love thunder.

sidenote: when I pass this, it almost makes me want to buy a telephone poll and put it up in my yard so I can grow something that looks this cool.

a closer look

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