Monday, November 8, 2010

'Have a Margarita for Me'

Saturday I drove into Denver for a conference (more on that later). Last night, when looking for a place to eat (yes, it was Sunday, and I don't ever eat out on Sundays, but we have no kitchen in our hotel room, and the conference - with 12,000+ attendees - doesn't provide any meals), this lady saw us talking and called out, 'Can I help you find something? I'm from here.' We asked her if she had any restaurant suggestions and she said, 'Since you're all young and attractive, I think you might like...' and named a few options. We decided not to inform her that three of the four of us were married. Then she went on to suggest a bar for after dinner where 'the margaritas are amazing. They limit you to three because they use everclear.' We again decided not to burst her bubble (she was really nice, excited for us, and handicapped) and inform her that the four of us being members of the LDS church, didn't drink either (besides that, we're all in the public health field, and alcohol does some horrible things to your body). As we headed off toward a restaurant she gave us directions to, she called out, 'When you go to the bar, have a margarita for me!' I almost felt like ordering one to let it sit on the table in her honor. Almost.

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