Monday, February 28, 2011

The Legend

Last week Wednesday I was able to use one of my parents' basketball tickets and watch BYU play CSU - or, in other words, I got to see 'The Jimmer' live. It was awesome. BYU has had such a great team this year.

before the game my dad and I saw LaVell Edwards (BYU's legendary football coach - renamed the football stadium for him when he retired), and then Elder Bednar came and joined them.

jimmer in action

i wonder what it would be like to see such a large version of my face...

jackson emery (another great player) modeling the pink shoes they sported for breast cancer

more pink shoes...

It was so fun to be there. I'm so glad I was able to go. The reffing was pretty terrible that game (the ref's weren't seeing any fouls from CSU... well, maybe a few), but we still pulled out with a win. Which is always nice. My dad's comment on the reffing - 'This is Obama-reffing. It doesn't matter how good you are, or how hard you've worked, we're going to make you all equal.' I must say I agreed with the statement.

BYU playes SDSU on Saturday, and if you missed the game, that's really too bad. It was a great game, and showed how many awesome players BYU has this year - it's not just Jimmer... (:

update: Oh, and apparently I was on the jumbo-tron in the arena. I totally missed it, but during the 2nd half I got a text from my friend Jane saying that if I was at the game, I was on the jumbo-tron. Jane, thanks for letting me know in the first place, and thanks for the reminder in your comment!


Jane said...

You forgot to say that you were on the jumbo-tron too! Great game!

Katie Rod said...

What? You were on the jumbo-tran thingy?? How fun. I still talk about how fun it was to see men's basketball up close and personal with those sweet tickets you gave us years(!) ago. I was actually listening to NPR the other day and they did a whole segment on Jimmer and BYU...kind of fun to hear about over here in Texas!