Monday, February 28, 2011

My New Theme Song

I heard this on the radio for the first time tonight (and thanks to the song identifier app on my droid I was able to figure out what the name of it was!). It's now on a couple of playlists, and it's my ringtone. Let's just say I kinda like it.

I read a few of the comments on youtube about the video.
My favorite one:
'Everything about Darius Rucker says chill.'
Love it.
And I agree.

This song kind of reminds me of the broken
road song by Rascal Flatts,
I've never really liked that one though
(I have my reasons but they'll take too long to explain).
If you're interested, ask me sometime. (:


Harper said...

I like it. Hootie doing country sounds good to me. Who'd a thunk?

eden said...

yeah, seriously. the first time i saw him was during a cmt awards show singing 'don't think i don't think about it'. i was surprised that there was a black man singing country. but i really liked it. (:

faith said...

I like it. Makes me think of unanswered prayers by garth brooks (pretend I wasn't too lazy to do quotes and capitals...). I'm going to have to get this one, I think. Thanks for sharing!

mom said...

Really like it, in spite of the fact that I wince a little bit at "there are no mistakes." True IF we are following the "Be Good, Do Right" life. Otherwise, well, watch out.

eden said...

mom, we can just assume that he means God makes no mistakes. (: