Thursday, March 3, 2011


So... I'm turning 30 this year. THIRTY. I remember when my oldest sister turned 30 and I thought that was a long way off for me. Well, now I'm staring down the barrel of the gun that's shooting the number 30 out at me. I'm not freaking out about it yet... And I've thought of a way that would totally help me cope with turning 30.

I've had my eye on this cruise for about four years. I'm thinking it might be time to go. And I'm thinking that the perfect time to go would be on my birthday. Who would mind turning 30 while spending time on the Mediterranean?

I wouldn't mind.
Not at all.

We'll see if it happens...

If not the cruise, then I'd *settle* for some time spent in Italy.

I'm easy to please.


Dallas, Dad, Big D & I said...

You are right, I wouldn't mind turning 30 in either of those places. Ha! But of course I am years beyond that!

Bethany said...

Didn't I do it gracefully enough to make it look pleasing? I liked turning 30. I'm still 6 years away, but I'm already warming myself up to the idea of turning 40 -- just so I'll like that, too.

kathy w. said...

Do it!

(And you've kind of inspired me. I've thought of things I want to accomplish before my 30th birthday, but not what I would be doing the actual day of. I might need to set my sights a little higher.)

Bryson and Tara said...

Wow! That would be so awesome! Either option sounds like a blast.

eden said...

dallas, i think the italy works for any birthday. (:

bess, you did it very gracefully. and i'm hoping i can follow your example. i just may need to be out of the country. (:

kath, yes, think of something for the big day!

tara, you too! (: and yeah, i'd be fine with either trip.