Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Have Mercy*

*20 million points if you know the show I'm referring to.
here's your hint*
and here's a way hotter picture (:

A month or so ago I got asked to be the secretary in the relief society. In that first week, I met with Amber, the president, to set up visiting teaching assignments. While doing so, we glanced through the members ages, just out of curiosity.

Amber and I are both turning 30 this year, and were hoping we weren't the only 'grandmas' in the ward.

Skip ahead to tonight.

Amber and I are back in the clerk's office, on the computer, looking at the relief society list.

Somehow we ended up with the membership records of people who fall in our age group (18-30) who happen to be in the local prison right now. This being the case, some of those people had been given visiting teaching assignments...

This was a mistake.

One we intended to fix tonight.

Imagine my dismay when I realized that 3 of the girls we saw were in the same boat (nearing 30 and still single with no relationship on the horizon - that last part was admittedly projection on my part)...

are inmates.

Amber said it looks like we're beating the odds since when you're turning 30 the choices seem to be between getting married and going to prison.

And they might even have a better chance of getting married while they're in prison, then we do while in our ward.**

**so, here i was going to post a newspaper article or something similar that proved that people really do get married while in prison. in case you needed proof.**

i didn't find that, but i did find these gems:

how to marry a prisoner
i love tips 2 and 5

chapel of love ceremonies: weddings behind bars
with reverend starlene - i'm not lying about that name either


wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.

in other words:



Tuckett's said...

Love it!! hahahaha... so funny. And so true.

Kate said...

Haha Love it!

Stella said...


I really liked the "Here's How: #7"

I can't wait to tell my family - they will be so relieved to know that all hope is not yet lost for me!

*Full House

eden said...

bethany, you totally win. (: