Friday, June 10, 2011

Just a Note

Last night I went to my brother's intramural championship softball game. I had been planning on going to a good friend's bridal shower (she's moving to Ohio where her fiance is going to dental school so they can finish wedding prep stuff while living in the same state, so I really wanted to go and see her before she goes, but when I heard about the championship game... well... I had to go. I called Mindy while on my way home from the game to tell her why I missed it and, as I knew she would be, she was glad I got to go to his game and really glad that he won! - don't worry, that didn't ruin my story. and, we'll hopefully get together sometime next week), but decided it was more important that I support my brother and watch his team kick the trash out of Riley Nelson's team (he's a punk, by the way. instead of joining his team when lining up to slap five with the other team and say 'good game' he walked off and started changing his shoes. harper - having had more interaction with him before that - had already told me he was a real punk, and I saw that as evidence of it. it's too bad. i hate it when athletes - and anyone else - are really good and full of themselves.). And that's exactly what happened (again, not ruining the story).

They had to beat this team twice since they had had a bad game earlier in the tournament and lost to them.

No problem.

The first game wasn't even close.

The second game was even less close.

They had to call the second game at the end of the... 6th inning (? - I think), because Harper's team was 10 runs ahead, and the mercy rule applied.

It was awesome.

I think it may have been my first time witnessing an intramural championship where the team that I was rooting for won. (unless I was at my bro-in-law's ultimate frisbee championship and they won... which could have been the case... but I don't remember. it was a long time ago.)

Now to the point of my story -

While sitting on the grass on the sidelines during the first inning of the first game, I watched a batter on my brother's team hit a popfly. I looked up and saw the ball heading straight to my head (after going up a long way in the air it started coming down a long way to the ground). I leaned my head down and away so it wasn't the target anymore, but didn't correctly estimate where it was going to land because it ended up nailing me right on my hip (I was kind of lying on my side). And - OUCH. It hurt. A ton. It stung, and hurt. But I was fine.

After batting, Clay (Harper's friend and teammate) came over and asked if I was okay, saying he was sorry, and that's when I realized who was responsible... Later, Caitlin mentioned it to Harper, who immediately turned to Clay and yelled, 'You hit my sister?' Nice. (:

Today's, it's bruised, and showing some burst blood vessels.

It's ugg-ly.

I'm just glad it's hidden by my clothes.

I will say it's kind of fun to have a (non-permanent) mark of the championship game. Maybe 'fun' is the wrong word.

Anyway, so glad I could be there to watch, and so glad they won!


Bethany said...

Yay, Spanky! So glad they won, and even more glad they had to apply the mercy rule -- nice!

Sorry about your bruise, though. That's a bummer.

faith said...

I don't know if "fun" is the right word, either. Hope you get better soon! And way to go, Spanky!

Also, I think you were there for one of Spencer's frisbee championships (he won twice).

mom said...

OUCH!! But glad it didn't hit your head. And having the championship game called on account of the mercy rule . . . doesn't get much sweeter than that.

Bryson and Tara said...

Sadness... Hope it heals quickly...

Stella said...

At least you didn't drop a kid to try and catch it...

Battle wounds are awesome!