Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's June! And We Love Hiking.

this time, the dogs came too.
and they needed a water break on the way up.

despite the look on annikki's face, she really does like hiking.

the view on the way down.
utah lake in front of the mountains.

i wore flip flops on this hike, and last week's. i'm now looking into good sandals for hiking. i like not wearing shoes and socks, but flip flops aren't the most stable footwear...

i've heard good things about chaco's and teva's.

any thoughts?


Jane said...

Chacos - definitely. They are great for pretty much everything, but admittedly a bit pricey. There is an REI garage sale this Saturday in Sandy and one the following Saturday in SLC where you can usually find great prices. I've gotten two pairs at garage sales over the years for about $15 each. I love them!

kathy w. said...

I'm a fan of Chacos, too. BUT. Make sure that you've broken them in like crazy if you'll be walking through water.

I wore mine to hike the narrows and they cut up my feet something terrible once they got wet. It actually took a few weeks for my foot to heal.

Happy hiking!

eden said...

jane! that's awesome, and perfect timing for a garage sale too. (: are you planning on going this saturday? we should go together.

kathy, thanks for the warning. i wouldn't have thought about that being a problem.