Friday, December 9, 2011

Just a Thought

Today a co-worker told me that I was one of the - if not the - nicest people she knows.

I'm not saying this to brag at all, but it got me thinking.

A lot of people have told me I'm nice. I'm glad. I try to be nice.

I don't think there's ever an excuse/reason to be mean.

I've said that before, and I believe it.

But that's what I've started thinking about.

I don't know that I'm as nice to my family as I am to these people that I work with, or go to church with, etc. I make friends with them, and I'm sometimes nicer to them than I am to my family.

Not that I'm mean to my family, but I don't think I'm always as nice to them as I am to others.

I need to work on that.


Bethany said...

I agree.

Bethany said...

With your co-worker.

Harper said...

You're pretty nice to your family.

Harper said...

Just kidding. I agree with your co-worker as well.

eden said...

well, thank you both. (:

kathy w. said...

You ARE very nice. I'm glad your co-worker said it.