Friday, December 2, 2011

The Magic That is Photoshop

I have a news reader widget on my phone. I originally added it in order to fool myself into thinking I was staying up with current events.

Strangely enough - I've actually looked at it. A lot. I have it set to list articles from CNN, FoxNews, NYTimes, etc. And sometimes I see some pretty interesting things.

Like the crazy wind storms that have been going on in Utah while I'm not there (yep, I'm still in Denver).

Last night I saw this article that talked about scientists being able to identify changes in photographs. I linked to this article from the original article I saw, and then I linked to this. If nothing else, check out that last link. It may blow your mind. It kinda blew mine (be sure to use the toggle feature. are you excited to see it now? it has a toggle feature.). (:

I think it's pretty cool that rather than just saying that a photo has been touched up, or assuming it has been, they can actually show you the changes.

Here's a teaser from that last link - just in case you haven't clicked on it yet.

after re-touching

before re-touching

after re-touching

before re-touching

But seriously, click on the link. It's more effective if you're toggling between the pictures.

The thing that kills me though - they're still attractive people even when they're not photoshopped. Sure they have more wrinkles and lines, and maybe some scars. That happens to... humans. But it's not enough that they're attractive. They have to look perfect.

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Bryson and Tara said...

Wow! That was amazing. Thanks for sharing that link!

When Sophie saw the picture of Angelina Jolie, she said, "That's you!". It made my day! Even though I look nothing like her, it made my day that she thinks I do. :)