Monday, January 30, 2012

A Change of Title

While driving to work I was trying to decide on a possible title for today's post.

What seemed to come out winner was:
'I'm Getting Braver or Just Shameless... But Wait: EPIC FAIL.'

Then I was going to blog all about how I had gotten dressed with the prompt in mind, chickened out and changed clothes at work.

Let me explain.

Seeing yesterday's prompt (I'm glad I remembered to check last night!) telling us to dress with a decade or region in mind, my first thought was of these wraps that I brought back from Africa. I've worn one of them as a wrapped skirt (the way the natives wear them) to church, school, etc. before so I thought - this is going to be easy! Then this morning when getting dressed I thought - isn't the point of the challenge to be *challenged*. So then I decided that maybe the example of the girl wearing a scarf would be a good option.

So I got dressed.

And I sent this picture to Katie (from Friday's post) with this caption - 'should i keep my coat on today? or just change since i haven't left yet...'

She hadn't responded by the time I was leaving so I stuffed a shirt in my shoulder bag and headed out. She texted back just as I was getting into my car asking about the challenge, so I quickly texted back telling her that I had a backup shirt and I'd be swinging past her desk first thing.

She approved - adding that she hadn't loved it in the picture but was glad to see it in person since she thought it was really cute, helped me adjust the shawl and now I have this -

Not sure that I love it... but I don't hate it. And I've gotten some compliments on it.

So for now, that extra shirt in my bag will stay in my bag.