Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Peek Into My Current Playlist

I've been listening to Christina Perri Radio on Pandora lately. I like it. A lot. So the other day I downloaded (for free! - thank you music junk app) various songs from a few of the artists that kept popping up that I really liked. The main three - Christina Perri, Sara Bareilles, and Adele (which then led to a few mash-ups from Glee - which I don't watch anymore because it's a pretty trashy show, but I do like some of their songs). From the songs that I downloaded, here are my current favorites:

i don't think i can accurately express my love of the disco skating parts in this video.

Yesterday while driving home from work with Nate and listening to some of these songs (some that I had listened to on the way to work too) I realized that a lot of them are kind of... man-hater songs. Or bitter women songs. Or something along those lines. For the record, I don't hate men and I'm not bitter. But I do really enjoy these songs. (:

But sorry, Nate, for subjecting you to this. Thanks for being such a good sport!

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Bryson and Tara said...

I LOVE Adele. What a fun medley from "Glee". Thanks for sharing!