Friday, May 11, 2012

My New Hobby (Addiction?)

To sum up in a picture -

And if we're friends on facebook, then you may have been subject to my latest ravings about this hobby.

I'm a trail runner now! (after four days in a row, am I officially a trail runner? or not yet?)

I love it.

And I'm pretty sure I look just like that person in the picture.

Except that I wear pants because I'm afraid that bugs and poison ivy will get me.

And I don't heel strike. (that was for you)

And my legs aren't that toned. Yet.

But other than that, I'm pretty sure I look just like that. (:

And it's sooooo much fun!

And I can say that the day after I came home like this -

that bump in the front shouldn't be there...

There's a pretty nice chunk of skin that rubbed off my left palm too.

But it's still fun!

I got right back up and kept running down. I figured that running down a mountain has certain risks, and falling down the mountain is one of them.

As a consequence of the fall... I took medicine for the first time in... a long time. I've never been a huge user of medication, and my job has made me even less inclined to be so, but I was grateful to pop four (yes, four!) advil last night. My body was aching and my knee and palm were throbbing. No tears, but I came close a couple of times. Especially when I had to clean it off. And then again in the shower. Ouch.

But again - still fun! Promise.

Oh, and an explanation for the fall - I've taken my dog, Max, with me each time I've gone up there. Yesterday I had him running in the heel position, and he moved just a little too close to me. I tripped on his leg and felt myself going down. I thought I caught myself, I worried that I didn't, I thought I caught myself and then, *BAM* I was sliding down the mountain flat on my stomach with my hands out-stretched also sliding flat on the ground. What always amazes me is that your clothing can be completely untouched and you'll have scrapes on your skin. My pants had nothing but dirt on them when I got back up, but both my knees were scratched. How does that happen?!

In other news... here are some videos - and other things - I've come across from facebook or blogs or otherwise lately that I really like.

This little boy has cerebral palsy and doctors said he would probably never walk. His dad comes home from overseas and is greeted with this...

I cried a little bit.

This next one is just cool.

I also came across this article on obesity that I thought was kind of interesting.

There are a few other things that have been mulling around in my brain but I'm afraid they each deserve their own post. Which means it might take a while before I actually post them...

Until then, Happy Friday!

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