Friday, February 8, 2013

1, 4, 7

Those are the ages of the non-human creatures who have free rein in the household.

The more I think about it, the more I think it's weird that we bring these lifeforms into our homes and let them lay claim to it.

Weird, but I love it - them - the creatures.

And here they are (in order of adoption) -

Official Name: Max
Previous Name: Duke
(I'm sorry, but poodles, even half poodles, should not be named Duke. They just don't look dignified enough.)
Nicknames: Maxie, Maxter, Big Max, Big Mac, Beasto, Big Guy
Age: 4

Official Name: Belle
Previous Name: Belle
(My mom kind of wanted to change it to 'Minnie' so we'd have a 'Maxie & Minnie' but I resisted. Little dogs already look like rat dogs, there's no need to name them after a giant mouse.)
Nicknames: Little Miss, Little Belle, Stinkerbelle, BelleBelle, Bubba, Bubble
Age: 7

Official Name: Morty (Muerte!)
Previous Name: Eggnog
Nicknames: Kitty, Pretty Kitty
Age: 1

All of them were born in October. Well, I know the dogs were both born in October, and when I picked up the cat in December and they said she was a little over a year old I decided that her birthday would be in October too so it would be easy to remember. Very official. (:

And here are some other pictures of them. Just for fun.

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faith said...

So does this mean Morty is staying?