Sunday, May 12, 2013

Flying Home

After a few days of babysitting, it's time to go home. Things went really well until the last ten minutes when the kids tracked mud in the house without me realizing it (sorry again spencer and faith!).

I got to the airport a about 40 minutes ago to see my flight has been delayed 40 minutes. What good is the delta app if it doesn't give you notification for late flights?

I called my sister who offered to come back and get me - thanks again! - but I figured I could handle being in an airport for 40 extra minutes. Although I guess there's always the chance that it'll turn into more minutes. 

You know your brain is not firing on all cylinders when you get through security, see your flight is delayed, call your sister to tell her, then hear an announcement about a phone left at security and you check to make sure you have your phone. 

Oh well. 

Then, while wandering, I heard a father tell his two young sons that they have two planes to go on still. It was kind of a pointed comment, so I took the bait and asked about it. They've been in the airport for six hours because of a cancelled flight and have been rerouted through a different airline and are now waiting for the same delayed flight that I'm waiting for. 

So yeah, I can handle waiting for an extra 40 minutes. 

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