Monday, May 20, 2013

The Weekend

... turned out much better than the week. Thank goodness.

I ended up at a dealership in Park City giving away helmets for Safe Kids Day. While it was cloudy and rainy on my way up, I got views like this on my way down -

When I got home I tackled this for a project -

With the earlier rain it was a perfect time for weeding.

Belle started out keeping a safe distance -

Since the last time I weeded I accidentally threw a weed right on her face -

She got closer and closer as I went, and ended up relaxing in the cool weeds. I think she was pretending to be a lion -

I had another form of company too -

One hour and one garbage bin later -

Since I only had half a bin left to work with, I tackled a different area -

Belle stayed close again -

And about 20 minutes later -

Definitely much more work to do, but I was pretty happy with what got done.

One other before and after - much more expensive, but very little effort -

And close-ups -

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