Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Coming Home

I should be asleep. I have to get an early start tomorrow. My flight leaves at 7:30 tomorrow morning and before I can check in I have to figure out where to park my awesome rental car and still get to my terminal on time. The way my brain has been functioning - or not functioning - I should probably try to get to the airport by 3 to make sure I can successfully do those things.

Not going to happen. 

Hopefully I can manage to do that by leaving the house around 6 - yay for friends who live close to the airport and let me crash on the couch. 

Anyway... Here are pictures -

I love baby-holding time. Especially when they cuddle -

While two were swimming, one was sleeping -

After swimming I picked up my rental and headed up north to visit a friend who moved to Delaware a few months ago (no pictures of that). Then I headed west into The City (DC is 'The City'). (:

Here's where I get most of my religious instruction, the back of trucks -

My sweet little Mazda something with New York plates. I feel like that gave me permission to drive a little more aggressively than normal -

It had a USB port which was awesome since I used my phone to navigate from Delaware to Virginia. 

And it navigated me right into the middle of Baltimore rush hour. Not so awesome -

I tried to pretend I was sightseeing and told myself that this was the Baltimore Orioles stadium. (That's a thing, right?)

And I decided that freeway driving is much nicer with a canopy of trees. Wish my commute to work could be like that. 

It's been a fun trip, but it's been a little more than a week and it's time to go home. Saddest part about the trip - I never actually got into The City. I saw the Washington monument from across the river, and I think I kind of drove past it today, but I'll definitely have to come back to spend more time here. Maybe in the fall...

I'll be going straight into work from the airport which will give me about a 12.5 hr work day and I will be ready to go home and crash for the rest of the week (I won't be working Thursday or Friday).

It's been good, but tiring. I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed! And to going on walks with these two -

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