Saturday, June 1, 2013

Yesterday's Mishap

Thursday I went to the store Cactus and Tropicals to buy a plant to go in a big pot we already had at home. I found a big leaf pothos which I kind of fell in love with. It has enormous leaves. Like, rainforest-sized leaves. It's big enough that it needs a name. Name is still pending.

I bought one of the two they had, took it home, repotted it and then took it in to work on Friday. We didn't make it past the first corner before it tipped over.

I pulled over and opened the back door to find this - 

Yes, that's my temple skirt that it spilled on. Twice I ignored promptings that would have saved the skirt - first to put my clothes in my temple bag, second to put my clothes in the front seat. Blast. 

Then I moved the plant and saw this -

After raving about - and fawning over - this plant the night before, the honeymoon was over. 

I scooped up what I could, then drove on. I've needed to vacuum out the car for a while, this just gave me a more urgent need for it. 

I realized too late that if it's big enough to need a name, it's big enough to need a seatbelt. 

Now it's in a happy home on my desk. 

All was forgiven. 

And it conveniently blocks me from the immediate view of people passing by. Which I love. 

Also Thursday evening I finally saw the first blossom that my peace lily created -

I love plants. 

Friday I returned to C&T and picked up the other big leaf pothos. Today I bought it a pot and it is happily residing in my room. 

Huge! And beautiful!

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