Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I have never owned a pair of boots.

I've lived in Utah for 15 years. 

I've stolen my mom's uggs a few times to walk the dogs or deliver Christmas gifts to the neighbors. I think that's it. 

I will admit that the first time I wore the uggs I was amazed that my feet weren't cold and wet and I was walking in the snow. 

I decided it was time I owned a pair. 

And then I made it two. 

At the same time. 

Justfab.com was having a sale, so I ordered. 

And today they came (a day early thanks to the super-late mail deliver today so FedEx got them to the post office in time to be sorted). 

I tried them on. 

And took these two not-so-great pictures of them. 

I learned it's difficult to take good pictures of boots when you're wearing them and you don't want to walk to a mirror. 

Life lessons. 


Jenny said...

Don't feel too bad. I've lived in Utah my entire life and never owned a pair of good winter boots! I walked my dog every day (seriously... almost every day) last winter in nothing but my tennis shoes. Jeff insisted I wear his boots which are way too big and I was shocked at how warm and dry my feet stayed. I will be purchasing a pair of them myself this winter!

faith said...

Not to mention first world problems... :)
I'm thinking its time for me to get some, too.