Thursday, August 4, 2016

Monthly Recap - July

Linking up with Kristen again because... why not?

July was a better month than June. Is it totally cliche to say that I blinked and July was gone? Probably. But that's how it felt.

Now my recap in pictures (the only way I can possibly remember what actually happened in any given month) -

I told the end of the story last month, but here are the pictures for it. After a false diagnosis of kidney failure, they started treating Belle with the right antibiotics for pyometra and she started getting better. I still spent a lot - A LOT - of time visiting and holding her (which I think she totally got used to because she is a bigger snuggler now than she was before).

She was able to come home the night before being spayed!

Here she is after waking up from the spay in the heated oxygen chamber. They used gas instead of an IV to put her out since her poor little body had already been through so much and gas is an easier recovery than the fluid. I got to open up one of those slots every once in a while to pet her and talk to her.

Not pictured - my vet's Boxer that was brought in in case Belle needed a blood transfusion. One of her clotting factors was low, so just in case there was a complication, Dr. Flynt wanted her dog close as a blood donor. Have I mentioned yet how much I love this vet?! Thankfully no blood transfusion was necessary, but I'm just a tiny bit sad that Belle isn't part Boxer now. (:

After being spayed she got to wear the cone for two weeks. This was her first full day home. Max kept an eye on her.

Her poor little chicken legs. Exposed because of the IVs they had to put in her.

Max got a 4th of July t-shirt when this one that I loved was too small for my youngest nephew. I wasn't too sad about that, and it's totally coming out again next year. (:

Belle got a super-girl onesie when a friend of mine mentioned that as a way to give her a break from the cone but still protect the staples in her belly from being licked/bitten. Sadly, it didn't work because it wasn't long enough, but I thought she looked pretty cute in her onesie.

Max, Belle and I watched the fireworks in the backyard from inside the house. Max hates them. Belle slept through them.

I figured out slow shutter speed on my phone and caught some of my nephews enjoying their sparklers.

Belle's sad little belly. I sent this picture to one of the vet techs after I noticed Belle had started bugging the staples when I was giving her a break from the cone. Teresa suggested I bring her in ASAP so they could fix what Belle had undone. They ended up taking out a couple of the staples and gluing that part closed.

I got a second fish for my office! (It's a disease, I have four of these guys at home - separate bowls of course!)

I went to shoot the Milky Way in the Uintahs with a friend of mine. We took her camper van up there so we could sleep instead of having to drive back in the middle of the night. Max wasn't too fond of the idea of a moving "house" and he ended up on my lap for part of the ride (kicking off Belle who ended up hanging out on Stacy's lap for this part).

These two insisted on sharing this tiny bed with me. I didn't have the best night's sleep that night...

Max enjoyed hanging out with his buddy Quinn.

After Belle's staples and cone came off I had to do some trimming around her neck. She had horrible matted hair from the cone.

Luckily a friend of mine saved Belle from me and was able to give her a much cuter haircut to even things out so her legs didn't look so pathetic and all the matted hair was taken off.

Belle enjoying the drive home.

My sister sent this picture to all of us. I love it. I miss them both! My grandpa passed away in June. My grandma is still alive, but her mind is going so much that she's definitely not the person she used to be. I still love her of course, but I miss the way she used to be.

Sleeping all the way home after visiting my grandma (she's in a carrier bag that I use for her when we go visit - it's easier than keeping track of her on a leash - and I kept her in the bag and put her on the passenger seat where she surprised me by just crashing.

I love when they sleep close. (:

Part of my drive from Salt Lake City to Vail, CO for a family reunion the last week of July.

I rode the Alpine Slide 6 times - 3 times alone, 2 times with this nephew, and 1 time with a niece.

My niece and I in the gondola on our way back to the hotel.

These are from a gorgeous hike that the whole family went on (my parents, my 7 siblings and I, my 5 in-laws, and 29 nieces and nephews ranging in age from 17 to almost 1).

Booth Falls.

Visiting my grandma with my sister and her family. Max was enjoying all the extra love.

Belle was exhausted after that grandma visit and slept like this the whole way home.

My sister sent this picture of my grandmother in front of her greenhouse. I love that she got this picture!

After a month of visiting the recliner, debating on whether or not to buy it or wait for a bigger discount (close-out sale), I finally brought it home on Saturday at 60% off! Totally worth it. I love it. And so does Belle. I think she thinks I got it for her.

And that's it! My goodness.

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Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

oh i am so sorry about your grandma, that is so sad :(
glad belle is okay! only one of my cats has been through surgery since we got her and she definitely became more affectionate afterwards, which was nice :)

Louann Kristy said...

Oh gosh, I feel your pain for your grandparents. My condolences about your Grampa.

I grandma had Alzheimers at a young age, so for alot of my growing up years, I don't think she ever knew who I was.

Just cherish all the time you can get with her now.

So sad your doggy is doing okay now. <3