Friday, May 8, 2009


I'm wondering why I couldn't sleep during my lunch break even though I'm exhausted.

Perhaps because I was trying to squeeze my 5'8"-frame into this little space.
Maybe because even covering the window lets in way too much light.
(here's the window in the light - the above picture really wasn't of an alien spaceship - but I think it looks kinda cool)
And maybe because my mind would not stop running even though I tried multiple times to SHUT IT OFF. Didn't work.

Regardless of the reason, I'm tired.

Still so tired.

And while I'm at it,
WHY?! would you have a frozen yogurt machine if 99.3% of the time it's out of order?
I just don't understand.

And yes, you heard that right. I was prepared to lose a point for frozen yogurt. I'm tired.

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Katie Rod said...

You all need to get a recliner for the back room! I am sure it will get approved for the "well-being of the office staff." And you MUST be talking about the frozen yogurt machine at the Cougar Express. In all my years at BYU, I was only able to get frozen yogurt out of it once...seriously.