Monday, November 30, 2009

And He Shall Now Be Known As...

can you read it? it says "DINGO THE GREAT"
(this was his tag being laser-engraved)

I bought him a tag at PetSmart over a week ago but held off on the engraving.
I was thinking something simple:

home number
cell number

My dad suggested "Dingo the Great"

I liked it.

I was given four lines.

the Great
home number
cell number

and here's the great one:
not a great picture.
don't blame him.

I just love knowing that he has a tag on him now.
It seems like he's finally owned.
And if he ever gets lost
(which hasn't happened in the last...
years, so I don't know why I'm worried),
he can easily be given back to us!

although, thinking back on it,
maybe i should have put something like:
"this ain't your dog, give him back."
i may be getting a second tag.


Kathy said...

He's looking pretty great.

faith said...

glad he's official. yay, dingo!