Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dingo's First 5k!!!

A week ago Saturday I loaded Dingo into the car and headed up north a little way. I had signed up for a 5k that was organized to raise money for dogs that assist the disabled. The reason I signed up was because I saw, "well-behaved dogs on leash are welcome."

Dingo is very well-behaved.

I went planning on walking the whole thing. Dingo's getting kind of old (though I'm pretty much in denial anytime someone mentions that) and I knew he wouldn't be able to run the whole way. (I used to take him running with me almost daily - 2 miles regularly - and he was great. But he started slowing down and having a harder time with the constant running. Sad!)

To my surprise, he wanted to run right at the beginning because he was getting excited seeing everyone else start running. So we ran for a bit, but I stopped before he was ready to stop. Since I hadn't planned on running, I wasn't wearing my (now, necessary) knee brace. Oops. We did run again later-on and we ran across the finish line. Yay!

Dingo and me before the race.

Some of our spectators:

Dingo and me after the race.

There was a reptile rescue group that had some cool snakes and lizards on display. There was a large python, and this little alligator:

There was also a coyote:

I didn't have the heart to tell the guys that coyotes aren't reptiles.
his name is ... I completely spaced his name, but he's 6 months old.
when I reached over to pet him, he started licking my hands. then he did the playful gnawing that puppies do sometimes.
so cute.
and SO soft.

people said that Dingo looked like he was related to the coyote.
maybe they're distant cousins.

The day's highlights:
- beating a dog across the finish line that Dingo early-on picked as the one to beat
- a lady coming up to me, pointing to Dingo and saying, "Is this..." I looked at her, not at all sure of what she was going to ask, and she finished with, "I heard someone has a coyote...?"
I told her that Dingo is just part dingo, but that he was flattered to be thought of as a coyote.

For some pictures of Dingo's relatives (some of whom I think he looks remarkably similar to) click here.

ps - this was my first race since the marathon and mud run in the spring/early summer
i loved it!


faith said...

way to go, dingo! and you too, eden. :)
check this out. dingo's brother?

Bethany said...

Congrats to both you and Dingo!